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JTEKT Electronics India Pvt. Ltd.

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Announcement of Company Name Change

From May 10, 2023, company name
Koyo Electronics India Pvt. Ltd.
has been changed to
JTEKT Electronics India Pvt. Ltd.


We, at JTEKT Electronics India, always, believe in "Right People for Right Profiles". Job rotation is one of the employee development tool which helps in career development of the employees as:

• It gives opportunity to an individual to work in diverse areas
• New challenges keep the employee's motivation levels high
• It eliminates the monotony which sets in employees due to repetitive tasks
• This also helps in achieving organizational goals
• It helps in identifying right people for right profiles
• It helps the organization to focus an individual's career development by means of identifying the specialized trainings, specific objectives etc. An individual is evaluated against the set objectives and regular one-on-one meetings are given for their career advancement.

We also motivate and recognize people for their valuable innovation and contribution.

Training & Development

Effective training helps an individual & organization in longer run. Training programs enable individuals in aligning their objectives with the organization objectives and guides an individual in their Personal and Professional development. Internally, JTEKT Electronics India organizes specialized training programs for all of its employees in industrial automation domain in embedded technologies. Besides technical trainings, Behavioral and the software quality trainings are also imparted on regular basis.

Knowledge Sharing

Trainings are one of the methods of knowledge sharing. Effective trainings help in employee's skill development. Skill development is defined as a 3 step process:

Learn - Its about new learning in the training sessions.
Diffusion - Its about diffusing the learning to other people (Knowledge Sharing).
Implementation - Implementing the new learning's in daily work routines leading to innovation & improved effectiveness.

Common knowledge banks are maintained for all to access catering to the following:

• Known Problems & Solutions to improve efficiency.
• Common Modules that can readily be integrated in the running developments to reduced time to market
• e-Books and in-house Technical Books
• External Papers For Quick References

Conducting Excellence through Knowledge Sessions where presentations on varied topics are being imparted to the employees thereby building a sound technical workforce.

Fun @ JTEKT Electronics India

We have ""Determination" to "Learn"
We have "Goal" to "Achieve"
We have "Target" to "Focus"
We also have "Fun" to "Relax"

Considerable amount of employee's life time is spent at work, therefore we always try to create an environment like family where they can always share their experience.

"Having fun at work can help reduce stress, improve morale, increase team building and spirit..."

We always celebrate important festivals, employee's birthdays and marriage anniversary.

We also celebrate "Friday" by keeping the day open for casual.

Why Join Us

Working Environment A young company, expanding and face lot of challenges every day that makes us a learning organization. We believe in Learn - Earn - Gain. As an employee grow in his/her career, organization also grow as a business. It's a place where young team mingles with the experienced resulting into a learning environment. Such working environment not only helps you in your current role, but also helps you in building up your future.

The Group Spirit Company has always been driven by group's values
- Provide the best technology, quality and services from the market perspective.
- Create new value and increase corporate value with a view to building a great human society.
- Excellence in the pursuit of our goals

Professional Development Professional development refers to skills and knowledge attained for both personal development and career advancement. Since from entering into the organization, you will always be mentored by company seniors and give ample opportunities to perform and grow. Because of the limited team size, everyone's performance is easily noticed that help you perform better.

International Experience We offer ample onsite opportunity to get an international exposure to work at customer's location. It not only gives you hands on international experience but also allow you to work with multi cultured team. This experience also adds value to your career.

Other Benefits JTEKT Electronics India provides several other benifits:
- Recognition Award
- Service Award
- Employee Referral Bonus
- Group Medical Insurance
- Group Personal Accident Insurance etc.

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